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- All that we see on the tatamis is the result of the cooperation of the European Judo Union, Russian Judo Federation and government of the Chelyabinsk region.


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26/04/2011 - 13:38

Championship takes place at Traktor arena

The 2012 European Judo Championship is taking place in one of Russia’s most modern sports facilities. Built in 2009, the arena since the start has attracted droves of sports fans. Its size is really impressive: the three-storey building covers 25,000 square meters while the bleachers can accommodate up to 7,500 people. And very often these bleachers are packed to their capacity as it is here that one of the most famous KHL ice hockey teams TRAKTOR plays and trains. The ice rink covers 1,800 square meters, and this is the place where the participants of the European Judo Championship will clash in competition. But not to worry: sportsmen will not get cold. The ice was removed and replaced with the world’s best tatami. Huge plasma screens will broadcast all fights so that the audience will not miss a thing.

Lastly, those who are not able to attend in person can always contact the state-of-the-art press centre. Information about judo fighters, competition results and live broadcasts will keep all judo fans up to date.

Traktor arena virtual tour