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Схваток еще не было


- Well, they are not 100% ready, because their primary goal is the Olympics.


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Sportsman’s blog

-This is the first adult tournament for me. The European Championships has become a very important event for me.


- The tournament was okay. I lost in a quarterfinal because I didn’t fight very well. So, I got good results with a bronze. I’m 13th in the world rankings and I’m going to the Olympics.


- I like to be here. I’m content with the atmosphere, there are so many people.


- I came for the European Judo Championships! My friends and me couldn’t miss this major event!


- Hi everybody! I’m in the Traktor Arena now and I can’t believe my eyes – everything is so well-organized.


- It’s a pity that I can’t go to tatami. But I can support my team… and feel sorry for that I can’t help them. On the first day I sew only the final bouts, at the day time I work in the Center of Olympic Judo Training.


- I came to support my son NugzarTatalashvili. I wish him to win! I really want him to gain a medal.


I came to support my daughter Marhinde Verkerk and to look at her. She is a judoka.


- I would like to pay your attention to the preparedness and organization of the competition.


- All that we see on the tatamis is the result of the cooperation of the European Judo Union, Russian Judo Federation and government of the Chelyabinsk region.


- It’s pleasant to see the Traktor Arena and press center to be full.


- Dear residents of Chelyabinsk and guests of the South Ural region! I congratulate you with a start of the 2012 European Judo Championships!


It is very, very disappointing that I can't take part in the home championships – I had an operation a few months ago.


- We are not just a hosting city. The South Ural region is a strong sporting area.


- I’m willing to compete in the home European Championships.