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11/02/2012 - 21:04

Alexander Miller, the state Judo coach in Chelyabinsk region: We must prepare to face the particular opponents

Alexander Miller, the state Judo coach in Chelyabinsk region: We must prepare to face the particular opponents

Honoured coach of Russia, state judo coach in Chelyabinsk region Alexander Miller doesn’t need a special introduction. There are two Olympic medalists and  Honored Masters of Sports among his pupils: Bronze medalist and  European champion 2000 Yuri Stepkin and vice-champion of the 2004 Olympic Games, World Champion-2001 Vitaly Makarov. Another Miller’s pupil Mansur Isaev is also preparing for the Olympic Games in London.  24-year-old athlete is in the top five of Olympic ranking list.

 - Alexander, Mansur Isayev has finally recovered from the injury and successfully performed on three super tournaments – «Big  Slam» in Japan, «Grand Prix»  in the Netherlands and the «Masters» in Kazakhstan. He has become the winner at all of them. Does that mean that Mansur Isayev is already in a perfect shape?


- No, it means that he has achieved a specific level in his struggle. But this success shouldn’t make him relaxed.  There are some problems at the official competitions like European and World championships and Olympic Games. Fails are possible even after big victories. There is no time to fix all mistakes. There are one or two tournaments before the official starts (the European Championship, the Olympics). It should be very clear how to orient Mansur.

- Is it possible to take part in both competitions seeing the time distance between them?

 - The fact that there are three months between these two tournaments allows performing at the European Championships. Some years before the gap was smaller, so the European Championship was in the background. Now there is double intrigue - hometown championship. Everyone thinks that the strongest should perform. But all depends on the strategy of the head coach. If he says do not act, the first number will not fight. 

- Mansur said that he would be agree with any decision, but if he would be allowed to perform, he would be happy ...

 - I think he will have such opportunity. Three months is enough time to prepare for the Olympics.

- Alexander, what Mansur has to work on? Does his temperament help him, or other way round?

   - Best qualities should be strengthened. We should improve the tactics of fight, to work on the captures, to prepare for particular opponents.

 When we were preparing for the Olympic Games in Athens, we carefully studied the eight rivals. Mansur faced five of them. This is a very high percentage of coincidence. I was very glad for Mansur. Now the picture is even clearer. All obvious favorites and specific competitors are well known. This is the main direction to concentrate.

Interviewed by Valery Kitchenko