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25/01/2012 - 12:31

Denis Yarcev

Hello! My name is Denis Yarcev.
I've been practicing Judo since I was 7 years old. It was an interesting suggestion for me to start my own blog.
Last year I achieved the best result in my sport career – I got “gold” at  the World Summer Universiade in Shenzhen. In November I was the third at the European Youth Judo Championship. My coach Victor Mosejchuk and I expected to gain more, but I’m happy with a result any way. A medal is a medal!

New Year holidays didn’t last long for me. On December 21 we came back from the training camp in Tumen. The last 2011training took place on December 30. I celebrated New Year with my friends.  And January 3rd I was on my way to the training camps in Italy and Austria.  I was glad to see Christmas decorations on European houses – it looks cute.

Unfortunately, on the way back home I caught cold. But I’m not going to be sick for long – I have to prepare for Euro-2012. I really want to not only perform in my native land, but to win.  On January 22 I will have my next trip to the training camp of the men’s national team in Kemerovo.  Then I will take part at the stage of the World Cup in Vienna.  It will be hold on February 11,12. I’m given the highest challenges and it will be an important tournament for me, I have to prove that I’m better than my Russian competitors.

I will do all I can. There is no time to relax. I’ve chosen the path of professional athlete and I will follow it till the winning end.

See you.

Denis Yarcev