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Hi everybody! I’m writing from the training camp in Malaga (Spain). But don’t be jealous! Even in Spain in November the weather is gloomy: cloudy sky, empty beach. +20 C is good for training. We will be here eight days: seven days for work and one for rest. I think we will spend this one day for the excursions.


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19/01/2012 - 16:23

Zafar Makhmadov

Hello! I am Zafar Makhmadov, judoka from Chelyabinsk. On the eve of the European Championship that will be held in Chelyabinsk I try blogging.

 The last year was not really successful for me. My coach Andrew Vostrikov and me planned to win medals at European and world championships, but I didn’t get to these events. The  «bronze»  that I got at Universiade in China was not joyful for me, because the main goals were not realized.

In 2012 the primary purpose for me is to perform and win (!) in the European championship in Chelyabinsk. The first time in four years about a month I was not training at the camp and was not at  competitions,  but I trained here, on the spot, at the Judo Training Center . I trained even on December 31 and celebrated New Year with my close friends -judokas. Everyone  made his wish. For me and many others the wish was to win Euro-2012!

On January 2nd I started training again. I’m in a good fighting mood! On January 22 I will go to Kemerovo for the collection of the national team. In the early February I will fight at the «Judo Grand Slam»  in Paris. I've fighted  there three times: first time I was the third, on the other times – with no medals.

The value of this «Grand Slam» now is great.  I have to make an «application» to participate in Euro 2012.

That is it! I’m leaving for the training! Good luck to everybody!

Zafar Makhmadov