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- I came for the European Judo Championships! My friends and me couldn’t miss this major event!


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09/11/2011 - 17:46

Kirill Denisov -Malaga

Hi everybody! I’m writing from the training camp in Malaga (Spain). But don’t be jealous! Even in Spain in November the weather is gloomy: cloudy sky, empty beach. +20 C is good for training. We will be here eight days: seven days for work and one for rest. I think we will spend this one day for the excursions.

There are not many athletes here, but we have an opportunity to fight with teams from Holland,  Azerbajzjan, Kazakhstan, Latvia  and five more countries.

A few days ago I talked with a friend by the phone. He asked me: «where are you now?». I answered:  «Three hours ago I was in Turkey, now in Moscow, tomorrow I will be in Spain». And I scared of my own schedule)))  But then I thought that I liked that. What can be better than doing your favorite sport and traveling?))

I will try to write more)))

Kirill Denisov