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Hello! I am Zafar Makhmadov, judoka from Chelyabinsk. On the eve of the European Championship that will be held in Chelyabinsk I try blogging.


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14/08/2011 - 15:13

Stefano Frazinelli, a physical coach of the men’s national team: the most difficult is to teach a sportsman to use his strength in practice correctly.

Stefano Frazinelli

A fatal bike accident bounded him to a wheelchair but did not break down his inner compulsion to knowledge and his ability to share this knowledge with others in a professional and intelligible way. Get acquainted to a physical coach of the men’s national team, Stefano Frazinelli. 

- Since Ezio Gamba has occupied a post of the men’s national judo team chief trainer a new post of a physical coach has appeared. What do you think why he has chosen right you for the position?

- We have known each other for more than 14 years. Before we have been working together in an Italian team in a training center in Africa. We have a great experience of a team-work that is why we decided to keep our coaching duet also in Russia. At least I never regret it. 

- Which challenges you have faced? What did you manage to modify in a functional training of the national team as a coach? 

- The primary task was to change sportsmen’s attitude towards the general physical training and to change their understanding of the training process itself. First of all it is important to know that every individual sportsman requires individual approach. It is important to load an athlete during the trainings coming from his natural features and technical skills.  

- How did Russian judokas meet the changes in the training process?

- Guys are really satisfied and happy because these are the new technologies of the trainings. Everybody was settled down to it. Russian guys are very strong fighters and like to fight. If we add good physical preparation it will yield amazing results.

At that for me as the coach the most difficult is to be able to help a sportsman to transform his physical strength accumulated during the exercises and the fights. To use strength in practice correctly.

- Ezio Gamba made flattering remarks about the functional readiness of the national team. Are you satisfied with the results of you work? 

- The team progresses and becomes stronger. It gives an opportunity to increase its level. Really, the national team is in top form but there is an opportunity to develop even more. Human potential allows doing it. 

- So are you going to augment this potential up to the Olympics 2012 or nail down the existing level? 

- For Olympics the most important challenge will be to hold the balance between an athletic form and a technical component of our guys. This will be not easy. 

- You are so absorbedly reading a book. What is it about?

- A friend of mine from the Italian Sports University asked to make a review; he wants to know my opinion. I have been working with sportsmen of the highest rank for more than fifteen years. From 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta I have started to train the judokas. Being a fighter in my day may be I did not achieve amazing sportive results but I know a lot about the functional training. 

Interview by Ivan Yatskov