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Best greeting to everybody! We have already been staying in the most romantic city of the world – Paris for several days... But we are here not for romance; we came to fight for the medals of the world championship!


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23/09/2011 - 17:12

Kirill Denisov: Paris is the best example to follow

Hello, I’m Kirill Denisov, a professional judoka. I started a blog at the official website of the European Judo Championship. You probably know that it will be held in Chelyabinsk in 2012. Chelyabinsk for me is the second home because I grew up in Trekhgorny, but I train a lot in Chelyabinsk.

I just came back from the World Championship that took place in Paris. Unfortunately I didn’t get a medal. I placed fifth and it’s really sad. The fight was tense and the condition was good, but I think the reason for defend is a lack of patience.  I was so closed to the success but…. aah…

In whole championship finished ok for Russian team. The are 4th  at the medal tally from the 116 countries. Men’s team performed really good: we have one gold, two bronze, fifth and four seventh places. So 8 people got into the final block and were very closed to the medals.

I think that before the European championship in Chelyabinsk everyone is interested how the championships held in Europe. Paris for me is the best example to follow. Stadium Berci  with a capacity of 17 thousand people was full for all six days. It’s surprising because the cost of tickets there was not cheap 22-50 euro. Let alone the VIP seats… When you step on tatami and hear the hum of the stadium – it's fantastic! It was pleasant to fight with French – the glow was impressing! French athletes are good enough in judo that’s why if you defeated French, but did it beautiful, the audience will applause.

In general everything was good…but to get the medal would be nice…

Buy everybody! If anything interesting comes, I will write.

Kirill Denisov