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Hi everybody! I’m writing from the training camp in Malaga (Spain). But don’t be jealous! Even in Spain in November the weather is gloomy: cloudy sky, empty beach. +20 C is good for training. We will be here eight days: seven days for work and one for rest. I think we will spend this one day for the excursions.


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29/04/2012 - 18:35

Kirill Denisov: Euro-2012 brings lots of surprises

Kirill Denisov: Euro-2012 brings lots of surprises

One of the Russian national team leaders was forced to miss Euro-2012 because of the injury. However, the world championship’s awardee is always in the bleachers of Traktor Arena. He supports his team mates and goes on preparing for the Olympics in London.

- Kirill, have you seen anything interesting during the championships?

 - I’m in a wonderful mood! I’m madly glad to see that the European Championships is running in Chelyabinsk at the highest level. I come to Traktor Arena and at the same time have trainings at the Olympic Training Center.

-What do you like most?

- First of all, I like the atmosphere of competitions. The holiday and people’s unity are felt. I talked a lot with my friends from the other teams. They are shocked. Most of them haven’t heard anything about the city. So now they are confused. They didn’t expect that Chelyabinsk, Arena and the competitions would be so nice. And they are surprised of the people’s hospitality and willingness to give a hand. Of course, it was very present to hear their praising. I feel proud for my city and country.

- Are you looking after your future Olympic rivals?

- Of course, I try to find out strong and weak sides of possible rivals. These championships have brought us lots of surprises. The favorites loose to the less strong rivals.

- Did you worry about your compatriot Dmitry Gerasimenko, who performs for Serbia now?

- Of course, we are both from Trekhgorny. In general he fought well, he was close to the medal. His rival was much exited after defeating the Olympic champion Ilidias.

- Are you surprised with full bleachers?

- No, I was sure that Chelyabinsk people will go to the competitions. But I see that some of them are shy to express their emotions supporting our athletes. They haven’t got used to it, or maybe it because of the mentality. Sitting on the bleachers with them, I’m trying to warm them up. I shout very loud supporting the Russians (smiling).

- Are you happy with the results of Russian team?

-Yes, our team performs perfectly! Five gold medals! That is great! I hope that we will win more in the team competition as well.

- How is your injured finger?

- My injured finger is getting well. I train every day in the Center of Olympic Judo Training. I feel that I’m not ready to perform at the high level tournaments physically. I feel sorry for missing these championships. I would like to compete in front of our native fans. But maybe it’s even better this way – now I can prepare for the Olympics.

Vitaly Vizaulin