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Hello! I am Zafar Makhmadov, judoka from Chelyabinsk. On the eve of the European Championship that will be held in Chelyabinsk I try blogging.


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The men’s Georgian team has won three bouts from five, defeating Russian national team. The Georgians have gained gold, and Russia got silver.
Women’s Russian team has won one more gold medal by defeating the French team.
The solemn closing ceremony of the European Judo Championships was held in Chelyabinsk.
- I used to be a judoka. I live in Kazakhstan, it is not very far from Chelyabinsk.
On Sunday, April 29, on the final European Judo Championships day, Chelyabinsk will see the contests for two sets of medals in team competitions.
Today, April 29, the last competitions of the 2012 European Judo Championships will take place.
29/04/2012 - 18:12

Marat Ibrashev, fan from Kazakhstan

- I used to be a judoka. I live in Kazakhstan, it is not very far from Chelyabinsk. The Assian Championships in Tashkent is running now, but Chelyabinsk is closer to our country, so we decided to come to the Euro-2012.

It’s very interesting to have a look at European bouts. I support Russian team, because there are no athletes from Kazakhstan. I’m met a lot of old friends here. The European Championships became a place of pleasant meetings for me. Vitaly Makarov is a splendid coach; I wish victories to his pupils.