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Best greetings to everybody! I found a minute to say that today is the last day of our preparation in Sochi.


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29/04/2012 - 14:28

Elena Ivashchenko: I didn’t throw her, she fell accidently…

Elena Ivashchenko: I didn’t throw her, she fell accidently…

Elena Ivashchenko has brought the first gold medal to the women’s Russian team. This victory made the Olympics closer to the athlete.

- I’m madly happy! I have been known my rival for ages, so we researched each other well. We competed many times. Even got used to each other. I can’t say that the bout was hard, I won by holding.

- It’s twice pleasant that this is the first gold for the women’s team in these championships. 

- Yes, I was willing to hear the Russian anthem that day. There are nice fans here. I didn’t want to disappoint them.

- This victory improves you Olympic chances.

- I hope so. I’ve been chasing this dream for many years.

- It seems that the rival was much heavier than you.

- That is true. She used to weight 150-160kg, but now she is 182kg! I couldn’t believe my eyes.  However, Lucia did a good job. She is the experienced fighter and shows a very high level of technique.

- How did you manage to overthrow so big woman?

- She fell accidently (smiles), I had just to bucket and hold.