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Russia and Georgia win team competitions in Euro 2012

The first places of the team competitions were taken by Russian women and Georgian men.

29 April 2012

Grigory Verichev: Chelyabinsk superman

Grigory Verichev is a legend of the national sport, honored master of sports, the most titled Chelyabinsk athlete. He has more awards than any other Russian judoka. World champion, four-time European champion, nine-time USSR champion, bronze medalist of the 1988 Olympic Games. During his sports career Grigory Verichev took part in 187 tournaments, had more than 800 bouts and won 161 medals of different denominations.

29 April 2012

Russian judo team wins 5 medals in European Championships

The collection of Russian team’s medals in Euro-2012 has been enriched with two more awards – Friday. April 27th, the athletes won one gold and one silver.

28 April 2012

Russian judokas gain 3 medals on the first day of Euro-2012

The evening program of the first competition day opened with repechage contests and semifinals.

26 April 2012

European Judo Championships start in Chelyabinsk

The capital of the South Urals has been waiting for two years to hear “Hajime!” (“Start!”) command in Traktor Arena. And today, on April 26, this moment has come.

26 April 2012

Vitaly Makarov: Siberian talent with Chelyabinsk heart

He has a complete collection of World Championships awards, and thanks to his bright victories and stable performances he is still one of the most titled Chеlyabinsk judokas. Moreover, he has achieved more than any of our South Urals judokas. The Olympic silver medal is the most important award for the athlete. Now Vitaly Makarov is making a career in sports coaching. He is a member of the national team coaching staff.

26 April 2012

Givi Gaurgashvili – the unrealized talent

Chelyabinsk judoka managed to win many national and international tournaments during his short career. His biggest success was winning of the European Championships in 1989. But his the most important competition was on the way – he was going to fight at the Olympic Games-1996. Unfortunately, the fatal shot in September 1993 took the life of Givi Gaurgashvili away.

25 April 2012

Alexandr Mikhailin. The story of the judoka life

…Tall and handsome guy has passed through the hall. Slightly red hair and neat beard. He has an epic face. “I'm ready!” he says shaking my hand. His voice was very pleasant and even warm. With a smile he has began telling me the story about sport and his difficult Olympic season.

25 April 2012

Ivan Pershin — the experienced judoka and young director

The current director of the Chelyabinsk regional Olympic Judo Training Centre had a rich sports career. His most important victories are winning of the European Championships and “bronze” of the World Championships. But the biggest event for Ivan Pershin as well as the main disappointment of his life is the Olympics-2008.

24 April 2012

Artists expend 7 hours and 100 paint cans to create Tiger Zhorik’s graffiti

The graffiti artists of Chelyabinsk have finished painting the wall of the building site “Zapadniy Luch” on Truda Street – the mascot of the European Judo Championships Tiger Zhorik was a model for the graffiti masters.

21 April 2012

Chelyabinsk region governor Yurevich promises fan’s support to Russian judokas

Russian judo has selected 28 athletes to defend the honor of the country at the European Judo Championships that will be held in Chelyabinsk – judokas are aiming to win at least five gold medals. Several days before the tournament the Chelyabinsk region governor Mikhail Yurevich met with the national team members to wish them good luck. Judokas made a present to the head of the region.

20 April 2012

Svetlana Gundarenko: There’s more of her to love

She is described as a wonderful woman and bright athlete. It’s impossible to miss her figure walking on the street. Svetlana Gundarenko is nearly two meters tall, vigorous and attractive. Famous athlete has done a lot to develop women judo in the South Ural region.

19 April 2012

Preparations for Euro-2012. Chelyabinsk holds some surprises for its guests

The general preparations for the European Judo Championships have been finished: front sides of the buildings have been renovated, departure hall of Chelyabinsk Airport has been modernized, Malahit Hotel has been reconstructed. Down town is decorated with flags, billboards and banners. Autobuses painted with logos of the upcoming tournament run along the main streets of the city. Vice-governor of the Chelyabinsk region Vadim Evdokimov has told about surprises that city holds for its guests.

17 April 2012

Zafar Makhmadov: Hot guy with cool head

Zafar Mahkmadov is not participating in the Olympics-2012 in London. His compatriots perform too good to leave him a chance, especially the current World champion Tagir Haibullaev. But Zafar Makhmadov still has enough potential to win the home European Judo Championships. He has many awards of this kind in his personal collection.

14 April 2012

Chelyabinsk is turning into the world capital of judo. PHOTOS

Only 13 days are until the start of the European Judo Championships in Chelyabinsk The streets of the city is decorated with banners and emblems of the competitions. The flags and billboards with welcome slogans in all European languages will be installed along the roads and in front of most hotels.

12 April 2012